Nine Reasons Why Chatbots Beat Landing Pages for Lead Generation

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One of the most important elements of building an online business is creating a list of engaged subscribers. Within the IGen Business Builder’s Roadmap, we have incorporated this into Phase 2 – Connection.

We have also chosen to incorporate automated conversations (chatbots) as the tip of our subscriber generation strategy.

Nine Reasons Why Chatbots Beat Landing Pages

Here are nine reasons why chatbots beat landing pages for generating subscribers:

  1. Mobile friendly and native to where people live today. Your audiences’ attention is now directed to social media VIA their smartphones and direct messages. Sending people to a landing page from a smartphone adds several steps, not to mention the limited real estate of phone screens.
  2. When someone enters your automated conversation, you have 24 hours to communicate with them once again. With a landing page, once they bounce, it’s complicated to engage them again.
  3. Recurring notifications. You can setup daily, weekly, and monthly notifications to regularly DM your subscribers based on the schedule they have chosen.
  4. Messaging automation will become seamless at some point in the future across Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram. This will open up other markets of communication, especially if you want to sell internationally where Whatsapp is king.
  5. Automated conversation funnels are 20x easier to create than a typical landing page, sales page, and thank you page funnel.
  6. You create omni-channel subscribers – This means you acquire a DM subscriber as well as en e-mail subscriber. Now you have to channels in which to communicate.
  7. Automated conversation funnels can be launched with dozens of triggers: link, chat widget, header bar, QR code, ads, keyword, reply to comment, etc. giving you ultimate flexibility on how and where your followers can enter your direct marketing system.
  8. They are dynamic one-to-many conversations that engage, inform, and direct your followers to take a desired action.  A typical landing page is more like a passive brochure.
  9. They have a 60-75% email opt-in rate.  A landing page doesn’t come anywhere close to this percentage.

The two biggest reasons for using chatbots in your subscriber system are: connection and opt-in rate.

A dynamic conversation (Reason #8) creates a much more meaningful and engaging connection with the people you are trying to reach. In addition, you want the maximum number of people to become subscribers (Reason #9). A chatbot is 4x times more effective in creating a subscriber.

For all of the above reasons, we suggest you begin incorporating chatbots as the tip of your subscriber generation strategy.

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