Just Do the Friggin’ Work

Note: This post is an excerpt from an article entitled: Introducing the Impact Generation Culture Wall. It that newsletter, we share our vision for a different kind of marketing.

A Call for a Different Attitude

Just do the friggin’ work is the antidote to the get-rich-quick, easy money, and easy work ethic that is peddled everywhere on the Internet. At the beginning of my online journey, I spent three years in Internet marketing hell, chasing after every hack, secret or get-rich-quick scheme I could find.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I spent nearly $30k chasing after the secret to Internet gold. I say almost because it was one heck of an education, for which I am grateful today.

The change arrived when I internalized a secret.

There are no shortcuts to online success.

There is your hard work, motivations, and expertise, the right knowledge applied in the right order, lots of testing and experimentation, and patience in the face of obstacles (i.e. the inner game).

Just do the friggin work is an attitude.

It means you will stop chasing that elusive rainbow to quick riches.

It means you will put in the time, reps, and energy to become better at the skills you need to create an Impact Business. Indeed, using our IGen Business Building Roadmap, you can shortcut the time to acquire mastery in these areas.

So buckle down, do the work, and watch what happens.

Here’s to your success!

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