Long about my 58th birthday, I was jolted awake by a sudden realization…

“I’ve got 25 good years left, if I stay healthy, and avoid misfortune.”

It was a moment of clarity, and one that drove me to reflect deeply on my life, what mattered most, and how I wanted to fill up my remaining days.

I made two critical pivots as a result:

  1. I pivoted from a career in overseas teaching, back to technology where I had begun as a trainer. I loved my career as a professor, but I felt like the amazing world of technology was passing me by.
  2. In my digital marketing career, I made a pivot from my educational brand serving the Christian market, to a training and mentoring brand serving digital entrepreneurs of any persuasion.

The result of these reflections is the Impact Generation.

I want to take my experiences as a teacher, trainer, and digital marketer and use those to help mentor a new generation of digital entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Impact Generation is to identify and create people and businesses of impact. We have a very particular approach for how to accomplish that.

It begins with a profile of the kind of entrepreneur we want to serve:

  1. You consider yourself a sovereign creator (you want control over the work you produce) and you are interested in monetizing your expertise.
  2. You consider your work as a craft and not just as a hobby or way to make money.
  3. Your desire is to delight a tiny audience who values what you bring to the table and even how you do that.
  4. Your desire is to make an impact in your corner of the universe.

The Pillars of an Impact Business

As we mentioned, we have a particular way of thinking about an online business. These are the pillars:

  1. You build a world and not just a business – Take everything you love, then build out custom spaces where you can share your expertise. It’s your world, so you get to build the culture, vibe, scenery, and backstory and fill it with the narratives and characters that matter to you.
  2. You see your work as a craft – Your work is a vocation or mission, and not simply a hobby or pastime. It is how you create meaning for yourself and others.
  3. People-based marketing – We replace coercion-based marketing with its focus on metrics and psychological manipulation with people-based marketing. Placing the focus back on people allows you to carefully cultivate the right audience for your offers.
  4. The Internet is Like Tokyo – Indicates that no matter how small, strange, or quirky your passion, you can find a large and like-minded group given the massive audiences on the Internet.
  5. Your Signature Solution content strategy – We have the perfect solution to creating content. We teach you to create ten deep dive articles on the way that you express your craft (your philosophy) and your signature solution (the unique way that you solve problems for your peeps).

Our Strategy

We want to model everything that we teach. Thus, we have several ways to serve and impact our markets:

  1. The Impact Generation newsletter – This is where we are going to share everything related to becoming a persona and business of impact. This includes our philosophy of marketing, complete selling solution, business model, and building offers, audiences, subscribers and customers.
  2. Digital products and workshops – Look for more in-depth training that will focus on one aspect of an impact business..
  3. Join one of our mentoring cohorts – Look for our mentoring cohorts in 2024 if you want to fast track your progress. These weekly, hands-on coaching and training will guide you to complete your own IGen Business Building Roadmap. This is our signature solution to help optimize your online business for lifetime customers.

Welcome to the Impact Generation. We hope you will stay and contribute.

Here’s to your success.