80% Of Success in the Online World Is the Inner Game

Note: This post is an excerpt from our newsletter article “The Impact Generation Culture Wall: Fourteen Core Beliefs at the Heart of the Impact Generation.”


80% of success in the online world (and in life) is the inner game.

This includes your emotional maturity, patterns of thinking, reactions, fortitude, patience and perseverance ESPECIALLY when facing challenges, conflicts and crises.

When creating a digital business you will experience difficulties, failed campaigns and expectations, the impostor syndrome, criticism, mockery, discouragement, overwhelm, fear, insecurity, doubt, and anxiety.

That’s life and business.

Be Prepared

Thus, you should mentally prepare to confront these challenges. This also requires that you have the right motivations, a passion for your craft, and the commitment to see your dreams through despite the challenges.

There is no such thing as failure. There is only data that you can use to improve your next campaign.

You can only fail if you quit.


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6 thoughts on “80% Of Success in the Online World Is the Inner Game”

  1. Hi 

    What a unique article. Its is indeed true that success in any game or business is an inner game. If you nor mentally prepared every small challenge in your way is going to derail or demotivate you. I like what John Maxwell in his book “Failing Forward” says about failure. Its a price you pay for your success. which is inline with what you say. I think the WHY one does something if is not strong enough every obstacle will derail you.

    its a good article for the mind. thank you for sharing 


    • Richard, 

      Great insights, especially the part of having a reason for your business. If it’s big and inspiring enough, it will carry you through many obstacles. 


  2. Absolutely agree with you! The inner game is like the foundation of a building – without it, everything else might crumble. It’s about mindset, resilience, and self-belief. Sure, strategies and tactics are important, but without the right mindset, they can only take you so far. Developing a positive inner game not only helps in navigating challenges but also allows us to embrace opportunities with confidence and clarity. Thanks for highlighting this crucial aspect of success in the online world!

    cheers matt

    • Thank you Matt. It took me a long time to prioritize these ideas in my business.  

  3. ‘You can only fail if you quit.’ What a powerful ending to this post, and it’s so true. 

    Whether our dreams come through with our first attempt or after a few trials, or we have to just review each failed attempt, grit our teeth, and keep going; what we must never do is quit on our dreams or vision. My online business is not close to what I envisaged yet, and I must confess that there are times when I second-guess myself and wonder if I am on the right path. I feel reassured after reading your post.

    Thank you, Gustavao.

    • Oluseyi, 

      Thanks for your comments.  Keep going and improving your skills.  Reach out if I can help you in any way.


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