Checklist to Create High-ROI Workshops


I wanted to write down a quick description for creating a live Zoom workshop. A Zoom workshop is one of the monetization strategies for sovereign creators of the Impact Generation.

A workshop is a great way to connect with your peeps, and to use your expertise to solve an annoying problem for your audience.

If you are an expert in something, there are probably 100 tasks that you can do with your eyes closed, that are fairly complex for the average bear. A live workshop is a great way to solve one of those tasks and provide a quick win for your audience.

One added benefit…when you play someone’s hero, they perceive you as the solution to many other complex problems related to that subject. So you are starting to build a fan for life.

What is the Structure of a Workshop?

You should aim for a live workshop of no more than 1.5 hours including the Q & A. You want the topic to be one element of your larger signature solution.

For the Impact Generation, sample workshop topics could include: How to set up your first lead generation chatbot, how to write a compelling e-mail that converts, or how to create a one-hour workshop.

Part of why this monetization strategy works is because it is easy to implement, it’s a way to bond with your list, it generates a positive ROI, and it can be a lead-in for your high ticket mentoring programs.

Steps for Creating a Workshop

(NOTE: The principles for this approach come from the folks over at Wake Up to Freedom.)

  1. Break down your unique solution into various steps. Pick the biggest obstacle to completing one of those steps. Think about how you would solve that issue via your expertise and how you would explain that solution to someone.
  2. A couple weeks out, tease the workshop to your list or social media followings. “I’m thinking about doing a live Zoom workshop on X. It’s going to be around $. Comment if that would be of interest to you.” The Wake up to Freedom folks want this to be an impulse buy for your audience, so $19 or $29 max. But it’s only 1.5 hours.
  3. You should receive several responses if you have an engaged list of subscribers. If you’ve developed a close bond with them, and you’ve identified where your craft intersects with your audience’s needs.
  4. If the response is good, decide on a date for the workshop, and create your sales page to highlight what acute problem you solve, who it’s for, date / time, registration, deliverables, and price.
  5. Send the link to your sales page to those who expressed an interest before.
  6. Once someone purchases, you can send out instructions for joining the workshop manually. Again, this is bare bones. With an autoresponder, this task would be automated.
  7. Promote the actual workshop to your list or social media followings. “Join us for our special workshop on this day and tim. Iwill be teaching on how to do x…” You would follow-up with a link to the sales page.
  8. Create an outline of your workshop + a few slides to visualize the content. Don’t get caught up in creating a perfect package. Folks are paying to hear you share in a live environment.
  9. On the day of the workshop, stand, smile, deliver and have fun serving your peeps with your expertise.
  10. BONUS ONE : If you have a high-ticket program, the last ten minutes of your workshop can talk about how what you just covered in one of nine steps of your bigger transformation. In other words, the workshop can actually be a great filter for your high-ticket programs.
  11. BONUS TWO: Make sure to hit record before you begin. Then take the recording, slides, checklists and frameworks that you created before and after your presentation, and package them into a stand alone video course.

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