One Workshop Away – Step 2 – Know Your Audiences


Step Two in our One Workshop Away model is to know your audiences.

Since we’ve done a deep dive on you, and we’ve come up with a long list of problems you can solve or goals you can help others achieve, now we turn to market research.

You want to know:

  1. What is commercially available in the market?
  2. What is economically viable?
  3. What are the problems that your markets want to solve?
  4. What are the questions people are asking?
  5. What products and services are people purchasing to solve those problems?
  6. Are they good products or services?
  7. What’s missing in these products?
  8. Where are the gaps in the market?

Doing Market Research

We’d like to transform research from a dirty word into your secret weapon.
You want to think of research as mining for gold.

Thus, we look at Amazon and Udemy reviews, to get a sense of what your audience is buying, and what they are saying about those purchases.

We also listen and ask lots of questions.

Social media is great for this because in groups and forums, people are raw, and open. They are literally telling you what sucks about their life, and the difficulties they are experiencing.

Thus, we not only want to know what people are saying, but also, how they’re saying it. What are the words, phrases, language, and the emotions they are using?

Without this knowledge your message will be vague. It’s not going to have the emotional thrust it needs to get the right person to respond. It’s the difference between motorcycle riders, and 50+ weekend warrior professionals who drive a Harley.

Feel the difference?

Compassionate Marketing

People are not only searching for solutions to their problems. They’re also searching for someone they can trust.

This is where you come in.

This is another advantage of the Impact generation way. We want to market in a way that is compassionate and not coercive. Thus, we don’t do this research so we can agitate the pain or hook people with some emotional clickbait.

We reject that kind of soulless marketing.

We do this research so that we can speak with empathy, and so that we know what solutions work best given our skill set.

Choose Your Audiences Carefully

But we also do this research because we’re developing a profile of the kind of person we want to work with. We’re going to be developing relationships with these people, and making a difference in their lives. And so, you want to choose your audiences carefully.

You don’t want to work with everybody. You want to choose people that you consider cool, that you like being around, that you would want to invest time in.

So that’s Step 2 of our One Workshop Away model.  Know your audiences.

We do a deep dive on our audiences in order to know what products and services to offer them. We also want to know the language to use to communicate most effectively. Finally, we do research in order to choose the audiences with whom we’d like to work.

Now it’s time to dive into Step 3 – Testing Your Idea with a Workshop.