This is Your Moment. Seize It.

You are in invited to join the Impact Generation.

Our mission is to identify and develop people and businesses of impact. We only want to mentor a specific type of entrepreneur.

You are a good fit if you have these qualities:

      1. You consider yourself a sovereign creator or would like to reach that status – You are a sovereign creator if you want complete control over the work you produce (no algorithm between you and your audience) and you want to monetize your craft to an audience that values your expertise.
      2. You think of your work as a craft – The work you do is more than a hobby or way to make money.  Your work is how you create meaning for yourself and others.  It is how you create work that matters.
      3. Your aim is to delight a passionate audience – You are not after mass appeal.  Your goal is to stake out a corner of the digital universe where you can ply your trade and delight people who appreciate your knowledge.
      4. Your desire is to make an impact in your corner of the digital universe – You have an idea, message, or craft and you want to make a difference in a context that matters to you.

    As I unpack this manifesto, you’ll see how these ideas work together to communicate a different way of marketing and a more inspiring way to build an online business.

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