Hello fellow entrepreneur:

Welcome to your exciting future.  I have three goals I want to accomplish with this guide:

  1. To reawaken you to the enormous potential inside of you that society might have domesticated.
  2. To help you channel that potential into a digital business built around you which has no competition.
  3. To give you a simple business model to launch this venture with confidence and the highest likelihood of success.

But first, let me set the stage a bit.

The Digital Economy Is Complicated

Every business model on the Internet is complex: e-commerce, creating digital products, creating a high-ticket mastermind, even affiliate marketing.  If anyone tells you it’s easy, it’s because they want to manipulate you to buy their stuff.

Even creating a digital product is complex.  You have to purchase a camera and microphone, outline a course, create a presentation, create, and edit videos, and load your content onto a training platform. 

I’ve done it a few times, and it’s no small feat.

The traditional route to building an online business is fraught with challenges as well.

You have to find a niche, create a website, then create content, marketing materials, an email list, and then write emails. You must also learn new software, play the social media game, and market your offers.

And this is before you make even one sale.

A Simple Model to Reduce Complexity

After much trial and error, here’s what I’ve come to realize.  80% of your success in the digital economy comes from mastering three fundamental concepts. 

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your audiences
  3. Test your idea with a workshop

Think of them as the foundations of your business. 

If you get them right, you can build something that inspires you over the long haul.  Ignore them, and you are building on shifting sands. Either you’ll get bored or you’ll spend time working on other people’s dreams, projects or ideas.

  1. The first concept, know yourself, is essential so that you work on something which lights your fire.
  2. The second concept, know your audiences, gives you confidence in the products you develop and the messages you send out to attract people. 
  3. The third concept, test with a workshop, allows you to quickly gauge whether your idea has economic viability.  This allows you to iterate on real success, and not waste time creating complicated funnels, courses, or marketing materials.

One Workshop Away

The simple model that makes all this possible is called One Workshop Away.  It’s also a stand in for our motto where we promise the following:

  1. You are one workshop away from being able to discover your purpose and mission.
  2. You are one workshop away from being confident in yourself, and the skill set you can offer the world.
  3. You are one workshop away from validating the economic viability of your business idea.
  4. You are one workshop away from launching your business with data, experience, and confidence.

Finally, as you’ll see, the One Workshop Away model is the most low-tech, low-stress, low-cost, and low-time way to build your digital business.

Everything starts with Step 1 – Know Yourself.